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About Us

Sell Your Magic is the confluence of discerning accessibility and unwavering trust, thoughtfully tailored for magicians, by magicians. While our inspiration echoes the vast outreach of top online marketplaces, we infuse it with the assurance akin to a fortified vault. We’re selective about our members, ensuring a community of genuine magic enthusiasts. This approach allows us to be more accommodating about the range of items they list, encompassing every age and price point. Beyond our competitive auction fees, our services extend to provenance checks and appraisals. Our mission revolves around nurturing the magic community, creating not just a platform but a holistic environment where every member, from the budding artist to the seasoned expert, feels both exclusive and valued.

The realm of magic is currently facing significant challenges due to the influx of so-called magicians who indulge in deceitful activities, seeking to defraud other practitioners of their hard-earned money. Various deceptive practices are prevalent, including failing to fulfill sales by not delivering items, vending pirated ebooks, and engaging in other illicit avenues, all of which jeopardize the integrity of the magical community. It is crucial to acknowledge that we perceive the production and sale of knockoffs to be a gray area, requiring careful and considerate approach. Consequently, our enforcement will primarily target knockoffs of magic that are still in production by the original creators, and other items will be considered on a case by case basis.

Despite these fraudulent activities reaching a disturbing zenith, some of the larger marketplace platforms seem to make negligible efforts to curtail these unscrupulous individuals, allowing the proliferation of scams and diminishing the trust within the magician community. This lamentable scenario necessitates immediate and proactive measures to eliminate such detrimental practices, ensuring the preservation of the magic realm’s credibility and the protection of genuine magicians from being swindled. To combat this pervasive issue, our site is implementing stringent measures to proactively prevent scammers from becoming part of our community and will enforce even stricter actions to ban those who might evade initial scrutiny. To further fortify our community against the menace of fraudulent sales and counterfeit items, we are initiating the provision of provenance and other authentication services. These services aim to authenticate the originality of items, thereby shielding our members from inadvertently purchasing fraudulent merchandise and fostering a secure, reliable environment for all magic enthusiasts.