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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are asked frequently enough to require a page.


How much are your selling fees? (note, currently while we are in beta, there are NO LISTING FEES)

We take 1% of the final sale and that’s it. No listing fees, etc. and no limits. We have no intention of taking a fee for shipping as long as this isn’t abused. We are committed to making selling magic cheaper so that the price of doing business doesn’t overwhelm buyer or seller. Cheaper fees mean cheaper prices and faster sales.¬†

Why am I not immediately allowed to buy/sell on the site?

The member list is curated. You must be a magician to join so all accounts must undergo a vetting process. It may be something as simple as verifying one of your friends, or that you have a fully functioning website, or that you’re actually a famous magician that we see on TV. Regardless, you’ll know that it’s a real magician that you’re buying from or selling to, and not a scammer looking to take your goods/money.

Why can’t I see any auctions without joining?

We are creating an environment where magicians can talk freely about the requirements, etc. of an effect without exposing the secrets to the public. We will have a more public-facing portion of the auction site in the future. 

How do I relist an auction?

Click here for a tutorial on relisting auctions.

Is there a tutorial on how to use this site?

We are currently working on one. Most of it is pretty simple but if you want to learn the more advanced features(like using a “reverse auction” or whatever), you will probably want one and hope to have it online shortly. If you are a vendor you mostly just want to fill out all the info you can on the Vendor Dashboard and that’ll help with most everything. A lot of extra settings are in the tabs when you’re listing an auction so look for those. We’ll be sure to point those out in the tutorial.

Can I sell animals like doves or rabbits?

No. We cannot allow the sale of live animals on this site.

Can I sell ebooks here?

If you are the author/publisher and have full publishing rights, yes. If you bought an ebook and are trying to resell it, we cannot allow that. Technically it could be resold legally(yes, even if the book has a disclaimer¬† to the contrary since those types of disclaimers aren’t legally binding due to the doctrine of first sale in the U.S.) BUT we have no interest in determining that you legally bought the ebook and that you are destroying all of your copies once it sold.

Is there an escrow service?

We are in the process of setting up an escrow service. A lot of the reasons for escrow are tied to provenance/authentication and hence requires experts in the field. We aren’t experts in everything so we are looking for people to fill the gap.